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The World's Longest Putt Competition, Golf's Newest Premier Event

On September 25, 2023, the first annual World's Longest Putt Finals were held at The Baths of Blackwolf Run in Kohler, Wisconsin. Mike Born from Downers Grove, Illinois was rock solid in his lag putting and took the crown in 2023!

After the competition, the finalists stuck around to attempt the World Record for the Longest Putt. As the sun was setting, Jay Stocki holed out from 401 feet to set the new World Record!

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2024 World's Longest Putt Timeline

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October 2023 - March 2024 – Join the mailing list to receive updates about the 2024 season and qualifying locations near you.

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March 2024 - September 2024 – Compete at a qualifying event near you. Qualifying events are held at local courses and charity golf events around the United States. (Europe qualifying to start in 2025).

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September 2024 – The winners of each qualifying event will compete in regional events nationwide.

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October 7, 2024 – The regional winners and a guest will receive airfare and accommodations to compete in the 2024 World's Longest Putt Finals! All finalists will also have the opportunity to set the World Record for the Longest Putt! The 2024 Champion will receive an amazing prize package, plus a three-year exemption into the Finals!