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What is the World's Longest Putt (WLP) Championship?

It is a putting competition that started in 2023. Much like the long drive competitions you see on TV, except this is a competition for the best long putters. The beauty is that you don't need to be 6' 5" and weigh 320 to compete in the WLP!

How can I get involved in the World's Longest Putt Competition?

Start by using this link to provide us your name and email. We will email you with dates and locations of qualifying events around the country.

We hold local qualifying events at courses and charity golf outings nationwide starting in March of 2024. If you win a qualifying event, you qualify to compete in a regional event. Regional winners then receive a trip to Kohler, Wisconsin, to compete in the 2024 World's Longest Putt Championship at The Baths of Blackwolf Run. Every competitor in the finals will get a chance to break the World Record for the Longest Putt! The 2024 Champion will also receive a fantastic golf prize package from our sponsors and partners.

I run a golf charity event, could we host a Local Qualifying Event for the WLP?

Yes! Many of our Local Qualifying Events are done at golf charity outings. We do all the work and we share the contest entry fees with your charitable cause. It is truly a win-win. Contact our team using this form for more information.

I run a golf course, can we host a Local Qualifying Event?

Yes! We host WLP Qualifying Events at courses nationwide. There are a few restrictions, however. Please contact our team using this form to find out more.

What is the World Record for the Longest Putt?

Right after the 2023 World's Longest Putt Championship, the finalists took turns attempting to break the  World Record Longest Putt. On his last putt of the day, just before it was too dark to continue, Jay Stocki hit the 401.26 foot putt to set the world record! You can check it out on the Guinness World Record site here - https://guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/longest-golf-putt-non-tournament

Where were the 2023 WLP Finals?

On September 25, 2023, the 2023 WLP Finals were held at The Baths at Blackwolf Run in Kohler, Wisconsin. Mike Born of Downers Grove, Illinois, putted his way to the 2023 Championship!

How much does it cost to participate?

At most qualifying events and charity outings, it costs $20 to enter. Some courses and charity events are slightly higher.

What is the format for a Qualifying Event?

The format for a qualifying event is the best two out of three putts. Each golfer will take three putts in a row. The putter's closest two putts are then measured and the total distance is the score. The putter with the lowest score at the end of the Qualifying Event earns a trip to compete in Regional Competition.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes! Feel free to enter as many times as you would like at any Qualifying event. There are only two important points about multiple entries: 1) You must go to the back of the line after your turn. This can be a bit of a wait at some events, so if there is a line, it may be best to return later in the day. 2) If there is a goodie bag for entering at your local qualifier, you are entitled to only 1 goodie bag, regardless of how many times you enter. Sorry, but this is a rule put in place for our charity partners and sponsors.

What is the timeline for the 2024 season?

October 2023-March 2024 – Join the mailing list to receive updates about the 2024 season and qualifying locations near you.

March 2024-September 2024 – Compete at a qualifying event near you. Qualifying events are held at local courses and charity golf events around the United States. (Europe qualifying to start in 2025).

September 2024 – The winners of each qualifying event will compete in regional events nationwide.

October 7, 2024 – The regional winners and a guest will receive airfare and accommodations to compete in the 2024 World's Longest Putt Finals! All finalists will also have the opportunity to set the World Record for the Longest Putt! The 2024 Champion will receive an amazing prize package, plus a three-year exemption into the Finals!

I am playing in a charity outing in Arizona, but I live in Chicago, if I win the WLP Qualifier at the Arizona Event, can I go to the Illinois Regional Competition?

Yes, winning a Local Qualifier allows you entry into one Regional Competition. To make things easier, we will allow each golfer to pick the Regional Competition that is most convenient for them.

Is this United States Only?

Unfortunately, the 2024 season will only have regional and qualifying events in the United States. It is our plan to expand to Europe in 2025 and Asia in 2026.

I was planning on going to a Qualifying Event today, but the forecast says rain.

Typically, the WLP events are rain or shine. That said, we will follow the course's direction and cancel if there weather conditions are too severe. Make sure to watch the web site or your email inbox for updated days and times of Qualifying Events.